Sexuality Education: Parents of Adolescents in Malaysia’s State of Awareness and Viewpoint


  • Bawani Nesamany
  • Sundari Subasini Nesamany


Adolescents, Parents, Sexuality Education, Viewpoin


It is inevitable that the 21st-century parents’ role in the lives of their children is one that is intertwined with social, cultural, religious, and technological influences along with the challenges that it presents. Research shows, especially in Asian family settings, parents’ influence or information dissemination to children is no less important than the teacher-student learning engagement. The first survey with close-ended and open-ended questions to gauge parents with adolescent children’s viewpoints received 87 responses. These random-sampled survey questions or statements were in both languages, English and Malay to increase response potential. The second survey was conducted, the convenient sampling (parents are graduates and fluent in English) from the initial 87 respondents. These steps were taken to gauge their viewpoint in two levels where one is to fetch an overview followed by an explorative measure to confirm viewpoint.  The mixed response of being confident with their children’s current sexuality awareness and their fear of what lies ahead accompanied by their support for abstinence before marriage and the decision to address the sexuality awareness needs with their children when they become adults was eminent in first survey and was validated in the second survey. This affirms the need for parents of adolescents needing more perspective guidance. It appears to be very scattered and to an extent, self-comforting. Future research on program planning for parents of adolescents and implementation evaluation are recommended.