Using Facebook Stories to Improve Vocabulary Learning among Year 4 Pupils in Rural School


  • Cheryl Limau Anak Musin
  • Nur Ainil binti Sulaiman


Vocabulary, Learning, Facebook Stories, Year 4 Pupils, ESL


Vocabulary is the fundamental aspect of learning a language. Language learners must acquire vast vocabulary knowledge to master the four basic skills of a language which are; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Nonetheless, lack of vocabulary repertoire is a prevalent issue among young learners in ESL Malaysian primary classrooms. This study aimed to improve the vocabulary learning among primary school pupils in a rural setting. This action research had been conducted on eight Year 4 pupils using Facebook Stories as the digital intervention in facilitating the pupils to learn about vocabulary. The data collection methods used by the researcher were pre and post-test, observations and semi-structured interview. Observation was carried out to analyse the pupils’ behaviours in classroom. Field notes, interview transcript and pupils’ pre- and post-test results were the primary sources to gain knowledge and insight on the effectiveness of using Facebook Stories. The findings of this study shown that pupils' vocabulary learning and the researcher's vocabulary teaching technique was improved with the help of Facebook Stories.