Assessing the Operational Challenges of Private Senior High Schools in Ghana: The Case of Action Senior High School


  • Daniel Inchaneh
  • Richard Adu Poku


Ghana Senior High Schools, Operational Challenges, Quality Education, Education in Ghana, Private High Schools


The number of public Senior High Schools (SHSs) in Ghana take about 68% of the Junior High School graduates leaving the rest to their fate. Private Senior High Schools therefore become relevant in absorbing the difference. Yet, these private SHSs are without operational challenges. This paper looked at some of the operational challenges of private Senior High Schools in Ghana using Action Senior High School as a case study. Using a descriptive research approach to gather data primarily from the management staff of Action Senior High School through questionnaires, and secondly from magazines and other sources such as quotes by researches on related topics, challenges including funding, lack of working capital, poor staff motivation and remuneration, lack of facilities and equipment, increasing staff turnover, lack of conducive environment for learning and poor conditions of service, were gathered as some of the operational challenges confronting private senior schools in Ghana. These challenges greatly impact academic performance of students and smooth teaching and learning in privates SHSs in Ghana.