How Teachers’ Teaching Experience Improves Preschoolers’ Writing Skills: Approach and Assessment


  • Fong Jia Yean
  • Izawati Ngadni
  • Nuzha Mohamed Taha
  • N Sundari Subasini


Best Approaches, Assessment, Preschoolers, Writing Skills


Writing skill is an important area of communication and fine motor development in kindergarten (Keifer, 2015). The purpose of this study is to identify the best approaches used by experienced teachers in improving preschoolers' writing skills. Previous studies on children’s early writing skills were done the effectiveness of self-regulated learning strategies on early writing performance and it doesn’t focus on the experience of anyone. Therefore, the current study is focused on how the experience of teachers helps preschoolers to improve their writing skills. Moreover, this research also identifies how teachers assess preschoolers’ writing skills. Six experienced preschool teachers were interviewed in this research and an online observation was conducted. Few approaches used by experienced teachers in improving preschoolers writing skills were identified in this research including learning through play; verbal encouragement; parental guidance; and in-line writing. Two methods of assessment that were used by the teachers in assessing children’s writing are via observation and using the checklist.