Examining What Influences Mathematics Teachers' Implementation of Formative Assessment


  • Ricky Empera Lee
  • Muhammad Sofwan Mahmud


Influences, Mathematics Teachers', Formative Assessment


Teachers play an important role in ensuring the effectiveness of management, especially in formative management, which has been widely recognized as a valuable strategy for improving student learning outcomes. Systematic analysis is carried out of factors that may facilitate or hinder the intention of teachers in ensuring the effectiveness of the implementation of formative assessment in teaching. The results of this study are expected to help facilitate teachers in carrying out teaching tasks, especially in performing effective formative evaluations in the classroom. The study covers 23 qualified studies and identifies factors that have been categorized into several key factors: personal or cognitive-behavioral, affective, and contextual, which influence the intentions and performance of teachers regarding formative assessment. Each factor can be a major obstacle to the effective implementation of formative evaluation in the classroom. The effectiveness of the implementation of the formative assessment is important in ensuring that students’ experiences in learning are positive, and the results of this study are expected to benefit researchers, school leaders, and policymakers in understanding whether the constraints among teachers in the assessment are mainly related to the educational assessment.