The Construction of Children's Psychology through Picture Book Narratives-Focused on Chi Dao de Li You and Chi Dao Da Wang


  • Bian Liping


Image Narrative, Picture Books, Childhood Fantasy, Children’s Psychology, Parent-Child Reading


Being late for school is one of the common problems children face in their daily lives. It can trigger anxiety and tension in children, which can have a negative impact on their mental health. Reading picture books can help children understand and express their emotions, which has positive significance for children’s psychological relief. In order to explore the picture book narrative’s understanding and attention to children's psychology, this paper focuses on two picture books with the theme of tardiness, Chi Dao de Li You (The Reasons for Being Late) and Chi Dao Da Wang (King of Lateness), and analyzes their characteristics in three aspects, namely, the selection of characters, image narrative art, and connotation expression, starting from the narrative characteristics of picture books. Research shows that picture books combine real life with fantasy to build a unique psychological world for children, and their restoration and understanding of children's psychological conditions alleviate their anxiety in facing stressful situations and establish correct problem-solving concepts. At the same time, parent-child reading can help adults better understand children's psychology and correctly guide children's behavior, which helps improve children's positive emotional development and maintain a good parent-child relationship.