Strategies for Developing Holistic University Students within the Framework of Five-dimensional Education Integration in China: Status, Concept, and Realization Paths


  • Zhao Yanmei
  • Mohd Mokhtar Muhamad
  • Siti Salina Mustakim
  • Yang Zhufen


Integration, Five-Dimensional Education, Holistic Students, Higher Education


Research on the integration of Five-Dimensional Education is currently underway, encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects. The production of fruitful outcomes represents a significant challenge in the transformation and advancement of primary education in contemporary China. There exists a dearth of scholarly inquiry in the realm of higher education. This study expands upon the integration of Five-Dimensional Education into higher education and investigates the notion of holistic university students, as well as the methods for fostering such individuals. The study's results demonstrate the present state and predicaments regarding the execution of the Five-dimensional Education Integration in Chinese higher education institutions within the contemporary context. Additionally, the study expounds upon the concept and definition of holistic university students and puts forth five strategies for fostering holistic university students within the Five Education Integration framework. The proposed strategies aim to incorporate five-dimensional education into curriculum design, utilise diverse teaching methods to facilitate the integration of five education, implement experiential learning to augment social responsibility and innovation, establish a discipline system that prioritises student needs, and establish an effective student management mechanism. The conclusion proposes that further investigation is warranted into the notion of holistic university students within the Chinese context, with the aim of enhancing comprehension of this educational concept among both educators and learners. The subsequent section of the article proposes that additional investigation ought to be conducted regarding the attributes that holistic university students ought to possess, and more practical methods of fostering such attributes should be put forth.