Three Levels in the Interaction with Mutasyabihat Text in the Quran and Hadith


  • Mohammad Nidzam bin Abdul Kadir
  • Muhammad Hafeez Zakaria
  • Ahmad Faathin Mohd Fadzil


Mutasyabihat Text, Tadhlil, Takfir, Harmony


Mutasyabihat text in the Quran and hadith means the text that is not clear in term of it’s meaning. This mutasyabihat text brought Islamic scholars to study it deeply. However, there is an attitude to make an accusation of misguided (tadhlil) and even infidel (takfir)  to other  sect in Islam. This kind of attitude among muslim ummah is a symbol of extreme. In order to solve this problematic attitude, it is suggested three levels in term of the interaction with mutasyabihat text. First level ia a belief level towards mutasyabihat text. This level is the most important level to determine the belief of iman. While the second level is understanding level. There are  many diiferent views in this level. The difference at this level should not bring to the extreme attitude. While the third level is an attitude of muslim.