Does Indonesia's Inclusive Curriculum Education Sustainability in Privat Madrasah Program?


  • Agus Gunawan
  • Anis Zohriah
  • Awang Saputra


Curriculum, Design Thinking, Inclusive Education Madrasah, Sustainable


Private madrasah in Indonesia is dominant, but the limited number of madrasah managers with high competence in providing inclusive education can be a challenge to the trust of parents and students. The importance of research to get a theoretical approach to inclusive curriculum education in madrasah. This study analyses the sustainability of inclusive curriculum education programs in private madrasah. The research uses a qualitative method with a grounded theory approach. The analysis uses design thinking through literature reviews and interviews with private madrasah managers providing inclusive education in Banten, Indonesia. The research finds that social evolution is empathy, exploration, elaboration, exposure, execution, and expansion supporting sustainable, inclusive madrasah curriculum programs. The design thinking from the six models of social evolution encourages inclusive curriculum education sustainability in private madrasah. Further research needs to examine social evolution quantification in madrasah's inclusive curricula.