Elements of Islamic Psychotherapy on Prophet Ibrahim AS’S Prayer


  • Farah Mohd Ferdaus
  • Mohd Manawi Mohd Akib
  • Hamdi Ishak


Psychospiritual, Prayer, Prophet Ibrahim AS, Psychotherapy Method


Every human being requires healthy spiritual elements within themselves. A healthy physical life is the result of spiritual well-being. These two elements work in tandem to ensure the continuity and happiness of a prosperous life. The strength of the spiritual component within oneself is synonymous with the strengthening of a healthy psychospiritual, as Prophet Ibrahim AS strengthened the psychospiritual in his prayers. His firm belief in Allah Almighty and his willingness to pray to him led to a good personality. This article investigates the psychospiritual elements found in Prophet Ibrahim’s prayers as recorded in the Quran. The selection of the psychospiritual element was chosen through the Islamic Psychospiritual Therapy Method. The content analysis methods developed through literature research were used in this study to analyse literature literacy. The results found that the verses of the Quran related to the prayers of Prophet Ibrahim AS have psychospiritual elements based on Iman Psychotherapy Method, Ibadah Psychotherapy Method, and Tasawwuf Psychotherapy Method.