Educational Research Trends on Statistical Reasoning and Statistical Thinking: A Systematic Literature Review


  • Nabilah Aida Mat Nor Azmay
  • Roslinda Rosli
  • Siti Mistima Maat
  • Muhammad Sofwan Mahmud


Statistical Reasoning, Statistical Thinking, Educational Research, Systematic Literature Review


Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with data collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization. However, Statistical reasoning and thinking refer to two different but related concepts in statistics. Thus, this study aims to review the literature on statistical reasoning and thinking systematically. The research addresses two main questions: the definition of statistical reasoning and statistical thinking and the methods used in previous studies. The PRISMA model is used in this study. The search engines Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) were used, and after the screening, 23 articles were selected based on various criteria. Most studies used a qualitative method, while a few used a quantitative approach or a combination of both. The distinction between statistical reasoning and statistical thinking may be subtle. However, being aware of the differences is crucial as they can influence data analysis and problem-solving methods.