The Relationship of Headmasters' Distributive Leadership towards Professional Learning Community Practices


  • Anita Taraj Kaur
  • Kayatari A/P Narayana Samy
  • Sarfraz Aslam


Headmaster, Distributive Leadership, Professional Learning, Community Practices, Primary School


Professional learning communities are fostered when educators collaborate in a culture that values community, investigates student achievement and shares instructional strategies. It enhances educational, learning, and student achievement. The study intends to determine the connection between headmasters' distributive leadership and professional learning community practices in Teluk Intan district primary schools. A total of 113 teachers were chosen randomly for the sample. A questionnaire with a Likert scale was employed to collect the data. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) was used for data analyses. Overall results demonstrated that school headmaster distributive leadership is high in schools. A significant positive correlation exists between headmasters' distributive leadership and teacher professional learning community practices. One of the main recommendations for future researchers is to focus on schools such as cluster or high-performing schools. Current research results could be applied to determine how much headmasters provide distributive leadership in encouraging school personnel to participate in a professional learning community.