Innovating a Card Game to Teach EAP Post-Covid19


  • Faiz Azman
  • Muhd Khudri Johari
  • Nur Zaimah Jamil


Innovative Card Games, “Cartedinal”, English for Academic Purposes (EAP)


The purpose of this project is to create a method of improving presentation and communication skills through an entertaining game. Improving students’ speaking skills is crucial; an innovative card game is one of the best methods to do so as it can be used by students of different proficiency levels and background knowledge as an in-class teaching aid or a casual game outside class. The initial processes of creating this game were a combination of writing down prompts/tasks for the cards, drafting the basic rules and regulations to play the game, and crafting the exterior designs. Afterwards, the digital documents of each work were printed by a third-party – a printing company. The result was a finished product complete with its own set of playing rules aptly named “Cartedinal” that can be deemed as a comprehensive and handy card game which had been priced at RM20 per deck. Following the completion of this innovative card game, a pilot study involving university students playing this card game in-class and outside class is in the works. Future results and discussions of the pilot study will be published in a separate article once it has been completed and extensively reviewed.