Health Education Measures to Combat Covid-19 in Southeast Asia: Malaysia's Initiatives


  • Draman Nen
  • Siti Rabaah Hamzah


Health Education, Health Promotion, Communication Strategies, Social Media, COVID-19


This article highlights the health education (HE) strategies implemented by Malaysia in responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic health promotion. A combination of HE measures that represent different aims enables countries, especially those with limited resources, to educate people and fight infectious diseases effectively. Publication of information, education and communication (IEC) materials; dedicated portal, hotlines and various media channels; daily press conference and press statements; infodemic/fake news management; and multi-sector engagement should be incorporated in reducing the number of COVID-19-positive cases. The HE measures addressed in this article can provide a basis for countries in the Southeast Asia region and those with limited resources to develop HE strategies to reduce the severity of the outbreak.