Exploring the Psychosexual Problems among Young Teenagers: Case Study at Asrama Bahagia (Rehab Centre) Kuala Lumpur


  • Sofia Elias
  • Rasheedah Begam Muhd Nor
  • Nurul Aisyah Kamrozzaman
  • Nuzha Mohd Taha
  • Rabiha Maya Adira


Adolescent, Delinquency, Psycho-Sexual


The aim of this research is to explore the psychosexual problems among teenagers at Asrama Bahagia (Rehab Centre), Kuala Lumpur. We can analyze that delinquency activity seen as tumor cells spreading into the human body widely nowadays. In fact, there are countless factors that contribute to the reasons why teenagers are involved in social delinquency activities, yet the issues are still subjected to in depth investigation. This is a qualitative study involving seven trainees at a selected shelter of sexually active teenagers situated in Kuala Lumpur. This study employee’s different technique of data collection which consist of interview, focus group discussion and observation.  The findings indicated that the severity of negative social circles influences, lead the teenagers to negative behavior pattern. Peer influences, social media and digital media are three main factors that trigger psychosexual behavior among teenagers and health problems, disowned by family & society and unwanted pregnancy are the major consequences faced by teenagers involved in psychosexual activity. This study recommends further research to be carried out using larger sample size include both gender (male and female) and may consider to test is the relationship between parenting styles and teenagers’ involvement in psychosexual activities.