Systematic Literature Review (SLR) of The Domain of Creative Teaching Instrument for Preschool Teachers Based on CFTI (Creativity Fostering Teacher Index) on Children’s Language Arts


  • Nur Atiqah Mat Saberi
  • Nor Mashitah Mohd Radzi
  • Loy Chee Luen


Creative Teaching, CFTI (Creativity Fostering Teacher Index), Language Arts


Creativity means the ability to create new and original things, especially that which demonstrates or requires imagination. Past studies have shown that many instruments have been developed to measure the creativity of teachers in the process of teaching. This situation shows that creativity is one of the important aspects in the home-based learning and teaching program (PdPc). However, it is found that there is a research gap regarding creative teaching by preschool teachers, particularly in the aspect of children’s language arts. Hence, this research is carried out to identify the domains for developing the Creative Teaching Instrument for Preschool Teachers based on Creativity Fostering Teacher Index (CFTI) Towards Children’s Language Arts. This study uses Systematic Literature Review (SLR), a methodology which focuses on the main requirements of the research. There are three stages to analyse articles which would be suitable for the research, namely identification, screening and eligibility. The findings from several articles discusses the element of creativity in teaching by preschool teachers. There are nine important domains incorporated in the development of Creative Teaching Instrument for Preschools Teachers Based on CFTI Towards Children’s Language namely encouraging students to learn freely, working together with students in learning, motivating students, withholding judgement on creative ideas, encouraging flexible thinking, encouraging students to conduct self-assessment of the ideas generated, taking into account all suggestions and questions put forward by students, offering students the chance to do tasks dan helping students to overcome disappointment if they face failure upon trying something new. This research has significance from the aspect of formulating strategies to develop creative teaching for preschool teachers in various aspects in an integrated and holistic way.