The Attitude Competencies of Tamil Schoolteachers in Implementing Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication Skills in Classroom Learning


  • Vignesvaran M. Ponnusamy
  • Zainudin Hassan


4C Skills, Teachers’ Attitude, 21st Century Learning, Teachers’ Action, Teachers’ Belief, Teachers’ Sense of Responsibility


The attitude of teachers towards 21st century learning is crucial for the effective implementation of the 4C skills (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication) in the classroom. This research aims to identify the essential attitudes required by Tamil school teachers to implement 4C skills in classroom learning. A Multiple Case Study design was used with nine participants, and data were collected through semi-structured interviews, document analyses, and micro-teaching video analysis. Thematic analysis and triangulation revealed three essential elements of Tamil schoolteachers' attitudes required for efficient implementation of 4C skills: sense of responsibility, teachers' beliefs, and teachers' actions. Acquiring these attitudes will assist teachers in effectively implementing 4C skills among their students, allowing them to compete globally in higher education and employment opportunities.