Dimensions of the Malaysian Experience in Rehabilitating those Who are About to Get Married and the Implications


  • Saad Gomaa Gomaa Zaghloul
  • Ragab Aboumeli Mohamed Soliman
  • Ahmed Ramadan Mohamed
  • Waleed Mohamed Abdel Rahman
  • Maryam Abous
  • Umair Bin Yusoff


Dimensions, Experience, Malaysian, Rehabilitation, Couples, Marriage


In this paper, we reviewed the dimensions of the Malaysian experience in preparing and rehabilitating those who are about to get married, which is called (the marriage license). The success achieved by that experience within the Malaysian society, in which the divorce rate - at one time - reached nearly 32%. After applying this experience in Malaysia, the divorce rate decreased to 7%. This confirms the importance of preparing and qualifying those who are about to get married of both sexes (male and female); achieves stability within the family, which is one of the building blocks of society. It included the Malaysian experience, which came after an extensive scientific study that includes many scientific programs that would achieve a happy family climate. These programs included a package of psychological rehabilitation programs, social preparation, religious preparation, in addition to economic preparation. This package of rehabilitation programs came in order to advance the Malaysian family and seek to eliminate and reduce the phenomenon of divorce within Malaysian society. In this study, we relied on the inductive approach as well as the analytical approach to reach a statement of the dimensions of this unique experience and the success achieved in the Malaysian society, and how to benefit from it globally, with the aim of achieving stability within the family in general. This is done through two chapters and a conclusion.