The Modern Heritage of Chinese Traditional Culture in the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation - A Case Study of Henan Zhuizi


  • Miao Pu
  • Ahmad Faudzi Musib
  • Clare Chan Suet Ching


Intangible Heritage, Henan Zhuizi, Preservation, Cultural Communication, Chinese Traditional Cultural


A national list of representative artefacts representing China's traditional culture is used to conserve the nation's intangible cultural assets. Through an analysis of Henan Zhuizi music and its transmission, the study seeks to determine the reality of claims about preserving intangible cultural heritage in the digital age. The research examines the connections between listeners, musical works, musicians, composers, and society from the standpoint of music sociology. The study will offer important insights into the protection and development of intangible cultural assets by examining the various paths through which Henan Zhuizi is distributed. The study's conclusions will contribute to a better understanding of traditional culture's transmission and preservation in modern society by underscoring the significance of safeguarding, preserving, and advancing cultural variety. The overall goal of this research is to preserve intangible cultural heritage in order to enrich China's cultural history.