A Case of Project Risk Management Course: Students’ Feedback on Teaching and Learning


  • Siti Hamidah Abdull Rahman
  • Musmuliadi Kamaruding


Teaching and Learning, Lecturers’ Professionalism, Learning Environment, Student’s Impression


To equip students to be capable professionals and active citizens is the goal of university teaching and learning. Effective teaching and learning are influenced by a variety of factors, including the role of lecturers in creating and delivering high-quality courses, the relevance and organization of course materials, and the learning environment. Therefore, it is crucial to get student feedback on these concerns to ensure excellent teaching and learning. Students' opinions on the course material, the lecturers' professionalism, their teaching and learning activities, and the learning environment (infrastructure) will be gathered for this study. The study also aims to look at the relationships between these components. This study's input was acquired through a survey design and a questionnaire. 132 students from project risk management classes at a public institution are participating in this study. Using IBM SPSS version 28, descriptive and correlation analysis of the feedback was performed. The results demonstrate that students' general opinions of the project risk management course's content were favorable and of high caliber. Additionally pleasant and exceptional are the lecturers' professionalism and the way they teach and study. The infrastructure is then suitable and conducive. Overall, there is a clear connection between the infrastructure, teaching and learning, professionalism of the lecturer, and the caliber of the course content. The results of this study can assist teachers in honing their teaching techniques and enhancing the caliber of their instruction.