Jazz Chants to Motivate Language Learning among Sarawakian Primary Pupils Towards Positive School Climate: An Inquiry on Teachers’ Perspectives


  • Stacey Audrey Anak Rakey
  • Hanita Hanim Ismail


Fun and Meaningful ESL Lessons, Jazz Chants, Motivation, Positive School Climate, Primary Pupils.


Since music and language are deeply related where musical training is able to stimulate the same part of the brain that is also associated with understanding language, using Jazz Chants in English language learning possess a remarkable potential at maximizing language learning, especially at creating fun and significant lessons. Nonetheless, its potential remains under-researched, especially on the implementation of Jazz Chants in Malaysian language classrooms towards creating a safe learning climate. Until language learning are given more alternatives, English language classrooms are viewed as flat, thus situating the purpose of this paper. Therefore, this research explored the possibility of using Jazz Chants to investigate teachers’ perceptions on employing Jazz Chants in Malaysian English learning classrooms. To do so, five experienced teachers from Sarawak were selected for a semi-structured interview. The interview questions were validated by experts before the interviews were carried out. A thematic analysis was employed to analyse the interview data in three predetermined themes which are ‘benefits’, ‘challenges’ and ‘suggestions’. In creating fun and meaningful learning that may harness towards (re)creating a positive school climate, as aspired by the MoE, this research provides a narrative on teachers’ perspectives within the three discussed themes.