Usability Evaluation of Learning Management Systems: Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and Padlet


  • Anis Afiqah Sharip
  • Siti Maisarah Md Zain
  • Nurul Najwa Abdul Rahid
  • Raihana Md Saidi


Learning Management Systems, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Padlet


In education, it is crucial to make the students enjoy during the class. Many platforms have been introduced for online classes, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic; thus, it is significant to assess the student's perception of the usability of those platforms. This research aims to evaluate the usability of the selected platforms, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Padlet. The System Usability Scale is used to measure the usability of each Learning Management System platform. A survey consisting of ten questions is distributed to a group of students. The result indicates that Google Classroom got the highest usability score, suggesting that it provides students with a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Although Microsoft Teams received the lowest usability score, ironically, most students prefer to use it compared to the other LMSs. These findings emphasise that it is important to consider factors beyond usability alone when assessing students' platform preferences. Understanding these factors can assist educators in making informed decisions about selecting and implementing LMS platforms.