The Level of Self-Perceived Stress among International School Teachers During Post-Pandemic Period


  • Harnani Mohamed
  • Pirabavathi A/P Nagappen
  • Mohd Al Mahdi B. Hussain


Self-Perceives Stress, Teachers' Perspectives, Post-Pandemic, Covid -19


This study aimed to identify the level of self-perceived stress among teachers in international schools. A total of 146 from three international school teachers participated in this study. The teachers were selected to collect the data through the online interview session via google form and disseminated to participants to evaluate the perceived stress level of international schoolteachers in their day-to-day 1. during the post-pandemic period. In addition, the researcher showed a significant difference in self-perceived stress between male and female teachers in international schools. This study used a quantitative approach design to explore the teachers' self-perceived stress levels during the post-pandemic period. The data collected had also been analysed using the SPSS as it can answer the research questions. The findings indicate that teachers' self-perceived stress is at a moderate level. The result was also found to be statistically non-significant of self-perceived stress for males (M=2.54, SD=1.11) and females (M=2.73, SD=0.93) in the personal domain; t (144) =-1.069, p = 0.287. Using the Pearson correlation, there is a positive relationship between the dependent variable "factors that contribute to stress," and the independent variable, "self-perceived stress." Hopefully, this research will help the stress symptoms that school teachers experience to be better understood.