Designing Problem-Solving Module Based on Computational Thinking in Mathematics Education: Nominal Group Technique Approach


  • Shivaraj Subramaniam
  • Siti Mistima Maat
  • Muhammad Sofwan Mahmud


Nominal Group Technique, Mathematics, Computational Thinking, Problem-Solving Skills


This article examines the Nominal Group Technique (NGT) as an alternative strategy for designing a module in problem-solving in mathematics education based on computational thinking for teachers. Researchers have used this strategy to address the issue of teaching methods for resolving issues in the area of measurement among teachers. The expert recommendations' summary results have determined 24 elements and three components that should be integrated into the module on solving problems teaching. Additionally, the study's results demonstrate how the NGT approach assisted researchers in obtaining element validation swiftly and effortlessly because the elements were created through literature reading, followed by discussion and expert consensus voting. It is recommended to conduct future research with specific model approach experts to solve problems with teaching methodologies.