Home-Based Microbiology Laboratory: Perceptions and Experience among Diploma in Pharmacy Students


  • Suraya Sulaiman
  • Wan Nordini Hasnor Wan Ismail
  • Mohd Izani Othman
  • Mohd Nadzri Mohd Najib


Hands-on Kit, Home-Based, Microbiology, Online Learning, Perception


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an online home-based microbiology laboratory has been developed to replace the gap for psychomotor aspect and to enrich the online learning experience. This study was conducted to assess students’ perceptions of online and distance learning (ODL) for microbiology laboratory learning experiences among diploma in pharmacy students. A total of 130 students participated in this newly designed ODL home-based laboratory whereby an online survey was used to collect their opinions. Overall, students’ perceptions towards ODL laboratory experience were positive whereby they believed to have gained new knowledge from the laboratory sessions. Students stated that the practical was satisfying (64.4%) and convenient to their schedules (58.7%). Almost three quarter of the students (71%) enjoyed the practical sessions whilst 37.5% of them thought the hands-on kit enhanced their understanding of the laboratory experiments. Nevertheless, 85.6% of them encountered problems with observations of their experiments while others had difficulties with aseptic techniques and hands-on kits. Undoubtedly, 77.9% of them still favour face-to-face compared to ODL laboratory sessions. Our findings suggest that our ODL home-based laboratory have improved students' understanding of the laboratory experiments leading to positive ODL experiences.