The Significance of Religiosity and Morality among Muslim Reverts


  • Norhana Abdullah @ Ng Siew Boey
  • Khairul Anwar Mastor
  • Razaleigh Muhamat @ Kawangit
  • Azarudin Awang
  • Rahimah Embong


Religiosity, Morality, Education, Revert, Muslim


Islam is an essential religion for every Muslim because it is the source for forming a value system and giving guidance to help solve all the problems of life that afflict human beings. Attaining religiosity through religious education is vital because through understanding, internalising, and practising the actual Islamic teachings, Muslims will get a worldview based on Islamicity towards this worldly life and in the hereafter. This article aims to review previous studies on the significance of religiosity and morality among reverts. This conceptual and qualitative study used document analysis methods. It found that the previous studies on Muslim reverts only focused on the educational aspect. However, this study found that the practice of reverts' morality is closely related to their religiosity's effectiveness. This study gives a significant implication to an additional reference for the State Islamic Religious Council and other Non-Government organisations involved in providing educational guidance to the Muslim reverts.