The Concept of Safar (Travelling) from the Qura’nic Worldview


  • Zubaidi Wahyono
  • Dudin Sabaruddin
  • Rahimah Embong


Safar, Adab, Traveling, Tourism, Quranic Worldview


This article aims to elucidate the concept of safar in the Qur'anic worldview, including its meanings, Importance and objectives. It also discovers the ethics of travelling in the light of the Qur'anic guidance, whether related to religious, social or individual activities. It discovers the Importance of safar, its objectives, and the ruling of the Qur'an concerning the activity of safar or travelling, which Muslims have practised since the early time. It used the content analysis method by conducting analytical readings on the ayat of Al Qur’an and the books of classical Tafsir available such as Tafsir Ibnu Kathir, Al Qurtubi, al Thabari, etc. The contemporary tafsir books are also called the ayat's contemporary meanings, especially those written by local Ulama such as Hamka, Tafsir Pimpinan al Rahman, Tafsir al Munir, etc. Finally, this article discusses the issue of travelling according to the Qur'an and its objectives, ethics and ruling. The issue of travelling, which is done these days massively by people from all walks of life, including Muslims, should be guided by the Qur'an as a complete guide.