Analysis of American Primary School English Assignments Based on Theories of English Teaching Materials


  • Chen Jiao
  • Malini Ganapathy
  • Hongjing Chang


America English Assignments, Theories of Teaching Material Analysis


English assignments in American schools prioritize students’ language productive ability. Teachers are encouraged to motivate student participation through group discussions, aiming to enhance understanding and language skills. The assignments are designed to be interesting, fostering joyful learning experiences. In contrast, tasks in Asian countries have often been perceived as a heavy burden in education, prompting concerns from education ministries. This contrasting phenomenon gives rise to the research questions addressed in this study. The primary objective of this research is to investigate the underlying teaching philosophy behind tasks in a specific school through text analysis, case analysis approaches and a qualitative approach by in-depth interview, employing theoretical frameworks of constructivism, humanism, and homework evaluation. Furthermore, the study explores the interactive relationship between English tasks and teaching philosophy. The implications of American English tasks for designing English assignments in China are discussed. Lastly, the author provides constructive suggestions to promote the reform of primary school English assignments in pedagogical practice.