The Intervention of Religious Mental Guidance Based on Islamic Education Management in Social Rehabilitation


  • Tubagus Syihabudin
  • Eneng Muslihah
  • Sholahuddin Al Ayubi


Religious Mental Guidance, Islamic Education Management, Intervention, Bio-Psycho-Social Model, Social Rehabilitation


Spiritual-religious in various forms can help individuals and communities implement mental health plans. Religious mental guidance is planning and implementation designed to relate to Islamic material or lessons with processes, methods, approaches, and evaluations. This study aims to propose an intervention model of religious mental guidance based on Islamic education management in social rehabilitation institutions, especially for clients with mental disorders, with the Integration of the Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Religion and Spirituality. The research uses a qualitative method with a case study at the Nururrohman Foundation in Banten, Indonesia. The collecting data with in-depth interviews and observation. Validation data use the triangulation technique. The content analysis using to data description from any literature. The research findings show that the Bio-Psycho-Spiritual approach with commendable morals is the main character and charity of the apostles and al-Siddiqi. Islamic education management is applied to fully implement Islamic teachings in the form of guidance, sound advice, motivation, and social-religious introduction in a close-knit family environment. The research implies that intervention in managing Islamic education starts from planning, organising implementation and evaluation, and strengthening religious mental guidance of monotheism, sharia, and morals at the social rehabilitation centre.