Song As A Vocabulary Booster for Young Learners


  • Paveetira Neithanantan
  • Tan Kim Hua


Vocabulary, Song, Young Learners, Language


This study aims to investigate how songs can boost vocabulary skills among young learners. Additionally, this study aimed to learn how students felt about using songs to teach English vocabulary. Hundred-twenty year 5 students of different proficiencies took part in this study. The two main approaches to gathering this study's data are pre-post-tests and surveys. The pupils were subjected a song-based vocabulary learning intervention lessons for a week and the pre/post tests have shown positive results, indicating that songs did help improve their vocabulary understanding. This is corroborated by the survey result where pupils have shown positive feedback in the use of songs to teach English vocabulary and they believe that the use of songs make the learning more joyful, make them more enthusiastic to learn and help them understand and acquire more English vocabulary. In all, this study has shown that the use of songs did help pupils to learn and acquire English vocabulary.