Approach to Teaching and Learning Visual Merchandising (VM) Courses among Teachers in Vocational Colleges


  • Norimah Mohd Salleh
  • Rahimah Jamaluddin
  • Arnida Abdullah


Teaching and Learning, Visual Merchandising (VM), Courses, Teachers, Vocational Colleges.


The Visual Merchandising (VM) course is a compulsory course for Vocational College students in the Fashion Design Diploma Program (SRF). Previous studies found problems faced by teachers in teaching and learning (PdP) in Vocational Colleges due to time constraints, lack of suitable places, limited equipment and materials in handling PdP, outdated and lack of mastery of knowledge and skills when implementing course implementation strategies VM. Therefore, this study was carried out to explore the approach and strategy carried out by teachers in KV for poor VM. This qualitative study has 3 study participants among teachers and 6 study participants among students. Participants of this study were interviewed and the results were transcribed and then analyzed using Atlas.ti software. The findings show that there are 3 main approaches used by KV teachers during the PdP process, namely the student-centered approach, the teacher-centered approach and the material-centered approach. These three approaches are carried out by KV teachers according to the creativity and appropriateness of the content and criteria of the VM course, however, the students have obtained good and enjoyable learning results.