English Teachers’ Perceptions on The Usefulness, Ease of Use and Effectiveness of Youtube Videos as A Language Teaching Resource


  • Nurul Ain Jamalludin Al Amini
  • Azlina Abdul Aziz


Perception, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), YouTube Videos, Effectiveness, Language Teaching Resource


Through innovation and creativity, YouTube has developed into a teaching resource that improves learning. Students are increasingly using it as a platform for cooperative learning and to promote self-learning. However, it is debatable if YouTube videos are an effective tool for language instruction. Thus, this study identifies the opinions of English teachers regarding the usefulness, ease of use, and effectiveness of YouTube videos as a tool for language instruction. 100 English teachers from primary schools in Perak, Malaysia participated in the quantitative study design and survey method used to gather the data. The participants were elementary school English teachers who were selected from a convenience sample. The research found that English teachers had a favorable opinion of the value of YouTube videos as course resources. Their enthusiastic responses were a reflection of their support for YouTube inclusion in English language learning as well as their positive judgments of its usefulness, ease of use, and effectiveness. This is due to the abundance of visually appealing, entertaining, and diverse contents on YouTube, which boosts students' enthusiasm and interest in learning English. Moreover, teachers can also easily obtain teaching resources on YouTube.