Utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Communication Skills: A Systematic Review


  • Raihanah Sukri
  • Zanaton Hj Iksan


ICT, Communication Skills, TPACK, Teaching and Learning, Education, Systematic Review


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an important role in the education system that can impact communication skills. Although there are various studies on the impact of ICT on communication skills, but the effort to make a systematic study of related research topics is a challenge because it is found that there is a lack of diversity of studies about the topic that also involves TPACK elements. This study aims to conduct a systematic review on the impact of ICT on communication skills containing a focus analysis of TPACK knowledge. The search for articles is from few search engines to analyze the trend of publishing articles related to the study. The analysis shows two main findings which are trends covering the distribution of data and the impact of ICT on communication skills (and raised as themes of discussion in this systematic review study). There are five themes found: (i) verbal communication; (ii) confidence; (iii) effective communication; (iv) digital literacy; and (v) linguistics. One of the implication is to prove the extent to which ICT use in teaching and learning sessions able to affects communication skills among educators or students.