Analyzing Current Language Learning Strategies in Speaking Skills by Form 5 Arts Students


  • Ainul Aishah Awang
  • Nurul Hidayah Umar
  • Fatin Afiqah Puaadi
  • Nur Syahidah Abdul Rashid
  • Dayangku Nurhanis Awangku Arni
  • Harwati Hashim


Art Students, Most-Preferred Strategy, Language Learning Strategies, Speaking Skills


The purpose of this study was to investigate the frequency and type of language learning strategies used by Form 5 art students to improve their speaking skills. It also further investigated the impact of gender and sociocultural background on language learning strategies. The study participants were 33 Form 5 Arts students from a secondary school in Tawau District. Hence, this research is conducted to analyse the current language learning strategies used by Form 5 Arts students in developing their speaking skills. By understanding the strategies used by these students, we can identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations to enhance their language learning experience. This research will contribute to the field of second language acquisition and inform language teachers about effective strategies to improve students' speaking skills.