Language Learning Strategies Employed by Urban Primary School Female Students in Enhancing Listening and Speaking Skills


  • Wong Foong Yoong
  • Mourinder Kaur
  • Mohd Khair Naim Mohd Rozlan
  • Catherine Franchis
  • Faez Hasaban
  • Harwati Hashim


Language Learning Strategies, Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Successful Young ESL Students


The art of listening and speaking is a valuable skill set that effectively enables the exchange of information through oral communication. Effective listening and speaking are key components of language learning. Numerous factors may contribute to primary school students in Malaysia having difficulty in choosing suitable methods to develop their speaking and listening skills. Therefore, this research was conducted to identify the language learning strategies that are most used for learning listening and speaking skills among female primary school students in urban areas.  A quantitative investigation was conducted using a three-point Likert scale questionnaire adopted from Cohen and Oxford’s Young Learners Language Strategy Use  Survey. The questionnaire was distributed to the respondents in order to identify the learning strategies used by year 4, 5, and 6 students at an urban primary school in a district in Johor, Malaysia, for listening and speaking. Through purposive sampling, 30 samples were selected. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data. The results shown will be further discussed in this paper.