Student Performance for Pre-requisite Courses ECW 231 and ECW 241 at Undergraduate Level among Civil Engineering Programme at UiTM Pasir Gudang


  • Juwita Asfar
  • Noor Raifana Ab Rahim
  • Nur Zaidani Wati Mohd Darwis
  • Narita Noh


Engineering Education, Water Engineering, Student Performance, Pre-Requisite, Student Perception, Fundamental Knowledge


Diploma in Civil Engineering (EC110) being offered since 1967 by UiTM. Graduate should be able to possess relevant technical knowledge and skill to ensure the competency upon graduation. One of the comprehensive steps in providing a sustainable curriculum by UiTM is student's knowledge profile is aligned with the relevant course code via outcomes based educations that addressing 12 programmed outcomes. Meanwhile, program structured is designed to help students to scaffold the knowledge from lower difficulties level to higher order of thinking order in solving the well-defined problem as stated by Dublin Accord. Therefore, the pre-requisite course being introduced to prepare students for better understanding in certain fundamental knowledge before move to advanced phase of knowledge. ECW 231 being offered during semester 3 and considered as pre-requisite course for ECW 241 offered at upper semester. From result it shows that student scored slightly better in ECW 231 compared to ECW 241 in terms of grade and programme outcomes attainment. This finding is strengthen by survey that being conducted for 33 respondents in UiTM Campus Pasir Gudang. It is viewed that, students is agreed that pre-requisite subject help them to reinforced the basic knowledge before proceed to application subject at upper semester.