‘Peer-Jamming’: Promoting Collaborative Learning and Enhancing Students’ Engagement using Jamboard


  • Erda Wati Bakar


Collaborative Learning, Google Jamboard, Interactive, Online Learning, Technological Acceptance Model (TAM)


Online learning is broadly described as online-based learning which utilises information systems that consist of users, technology, processes and strategies. Educational activities are engaged with students and instructors located in different places and times. Online learning becomes highly valuable and instrumental during the pandemic of Covid-19 which forced higher education to be shut down and both students and instructors were to continue the process of teaching and learning remotely. Technological tools are perceived to be instrumental in migrating physical learning to a remote environment. The shift to online learning due to the pandemic was fraught with difficulties. Despite the many challenges, information and communication technologies are harnessed to alter the ways of teaching and learning and to innovate digital materials, courses and content effectively. Online learning brings rising challenge to ensure student engagement and academic excellence within remote setting. The social distance may impact students’ academic success due to low digital engagement. To illustrate this concern, Technological Acceptance Model (TAM) is used to frame the study and to examine students’ reactions to the technology used for language learning. This quantitative study gives focus on the use of Google Jamboard during online learning as a means to promote cooperative learning, to instil social presence within online community and to provide feedback at real-time.  The findings indicated students’ positive reaction and attitude towards the use of Jamboard. This pedagogical approach is an alternative strategy for any instructors to engage their students more actively and meaningfully, simultaneously improve rapport and interaction between an instructor, student, and their peers during online learning. Jamboard has proven to be an excellent interactive and value-added tool which helps to shape the instruction session, hence is fast becoming a necessity for both online and in-person instruction.