Readiness, Knowledge, and Attitude towards Online Mathematics Learning among Technical Institute Students


  • Noor Kasemawati Uthman
  • Siti Mistima Maat


Online Learning, Knowledge, Attitude, Student, Readiness, Mathematics


The use of online learning methods provides new learning to teachers and students especially in mathematics education. The face-to-face learning method change to this method was first introduced when the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to the changes of students’ knowledge, attitude, and readiness towards online mathematics learning. In relation to that, the level of students’ knowledge, attitude, and readiness to use online platform methods will be identified in this study. The random selection of 69 students at one of the technical based institutes in the Kuching districts who are involved in this quantitative study in the form of a survey, were randomly selected. The instrument was prepared in Google Form and distributed to students through the WhatsApp application. The questions developed are in the form of a 5-point Likert scale with a choice of scales that have interpretation levels. This data was analysed using descriptive statistics, and it was found that students have a high level of students’ readiness to use the online method in mathematics. The finding revealed that the students have a high level of knowledge on this online mathematics learning method. Findings also found that students showed a positive attitude to use online for mathematics learning. The use of online learning has many positive impacts, where students can have mathematics learning sessions wherever they are. The proposed further study is to identify the challenges and effectiveness of using online learning methods for teaching and learning among students.