Understanding, Readiness and Motivation of Science Teachers on the Climate Change Education in Negeri Sembilan


  • Aimi Najibah A Rahman
  • Siti Nur Diyana Mahmud


Climate Change Education, Climate Change Understanding, Climate Change Knowledge, Climate Change Readiness, Climate Change Motivation


Based on the 13th Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), education is the most effective channel in educating the new generation to learn the ways to avoid the adverse effects of climate change. Therefore, this research was conducted to examine the level of understanding, readiness, and motivation of Science Teachers in Climate Change Education (CCE) as well as to identify the relationship between the level of understanding, the readiness, and the motivation of teachers in implementing CCE in schools. A quantitative approach using surveys has been conducted to 41 Science Teachers in secondary schools around Negeri Sembilan. The mean scores for all the variables were high. Spearman’s Correlation Test has been computed and there was no correlation between the level of understanding and the level of readiness, r (39) =.04, p=.783. There was also no correlation between the level of understanding and the level of motivation, r (39) =-.13, p=.403. However, there was a weak positive correlation between the level of readiness and the level of motivation, r (39) =.31, p=.047. This study will help Science teachers in implementing better quality of CCE, as well as guiding teachers and the Ministry of Education Malaysia in planning CCE intervention modules in Teaching and Learning.