Give Me 30 Minutes and Accelerate Your Barrier to Measuring Charismatic Leadership!


  • Nazariyah Jonid
  • Mohd Effendi @ Ewan Mohd Matore


Charismatic Leadership, Barrier, School Leaders, Issues, Strategies


Charismatic leadership is an ideal leadership that is important in the administration of an organization led by a Principal or Headmaster. This study is important to overcome the challenges faced by the management and administration of organizations that require charismatic leaders. This can be influencing employees to perform work in the best conditions in order to achieve the organization's objectives. However, there are still some issues that have not been covered much and require suggestions for improvement in their implementation. So, this concept paper is purposely to cover these issues by focusing on solving issues with a charismatic leadership style. Five issues that are often faced by school leaders and suggests strategies to overcome these issues. The methodology used on this concept paper is through a general document review of 34 leadership articles for the last six years. The major findings towards issues highlighted are related to leaders prioritizing the implementation of administrative tasks rather than highlighting their function, bureaucratic red tape that occurs in the ministry, the ability of leaders to manage risk, low technology skills among leaders, and the implementation of less effective communication. In overcoming the issues that arise among leaders, this research paper suggests some strategies that can be considered, such as the effective practice of charismatic leadership, the implementation of change strategies by leaders, the improvement of information technology skills, and the full use of educational quality standards and the Performance Dialogue medium prepared by the Malaysia Ministry of Education. This paper has implications such as improving leadership training from stakeholders, developing the theory of charismatic leadership, and strengthening the leadership practices of Principals or Headmasters in schools. Further research can be carried out through further exploration of new dimensions of charismatic leadership and the construction of charismatic leadership training modules with local characteristics.