On the Factors Affecting the Integration of TPACK in ELT Classes


  • Jiandong Hu
  • Hongyuan Wang


TPACK, ELT Classes, Teachers’ Professional Development


In recent years, due to the epidemic situation in the world, online teaching has gradually entered the stage. Even though the epidemic has come to an end, online teaching is still employed as a complement, which has higher requirements for teachers’ technical knowledge. And teachers’ TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge), closely related to teachers’ technical knowledge, is a new concept emerging in the process of teachers’ professional development and a new requirement for teachers’ knowledge put forward by modern education. Starting from the relationship between TPACK and English language teaching in China, this paper first analyzes the connotation of TPACK and expounds the factors that affect the integration of TPACK in ELT classroom in China, and then puts forward the ways to promote the integration of TPACK in ELT classroom.