The Relationship Between Musical Intelligence and Critical Thinking Problem-Solving Skill in Undergraduates


  • Siti Kausar Zakaria
  • Ruuhina Mohd Sani
  • Mohd Noor Daud


Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving Skill, Soft Skills, Musical Intelligence, Multiple Intelligence


Educators must be aware of effective methods for helping musically intelligence students develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities. The purpose of study is to investigate the relationship between musical intelligence and critical thinking problem-solving skill. Quantitatively survey method was employed among 142 samples that were drawn randomly from a population of 240 students, enrolled in September semester 2022. The instruments were adapted from MyMICA (Multiple Intelligences Checklist for Adults) by Rahayah (2008) and soft skill for higher leaners by (Kamaruddin, 2010). SPSS (Statistical Packaged for the Social Sciences) 28.0 version was used to analyze data. Result showed musical intelligence mean for male (23.5) is higher than female (21.6), mean of critical thinking problem-solving skills of male students (29.3) is higher than female (27.7), no significant difference of musical intelligence and critical thinking problem- solving skills across gender. There was a low positive correlation between two variables, r (1.0) = .376. Musical intelligence predicts 13.5% of the variance r = .135, df (137) = 22.60. Musical intelligence had the least impact on critical thinking skill. Contemporary teaching models to teach musical intelligence learners should be realized optimally through a constructivist approach and a learner-centered that require social interaction, cooperative, etc. It is critical for instructors to design their instructional strategies so that musical intelligence learners can improve their critical thinking problem-solving skills. Therefore, in future research, it would be recommended to study in detail the relationship between musical intelligence and the enhancement of other cognitive skills such as evaluating, mathematical, reasoning, scientific and practical problems.