Outcome-Based Assessment in The Evaluation of Education Programs Through a Systematic Literature Review


  • Norizzathy Agir
  • Mohd Effendi @ Ewan Mohd Matore
  • Niusila Faamanatu-Eteuati
  • Nancy Marquez


Outcome-Based Assessment, Assessment, Education Program, Evaluation, SLR


Outcome-Based Assessment (OBA) is a process that measures students' knowledge and skills, in addition to providing continuous improvement in teaching and learning with meaningful and relevant student learning experiences. However, there are shortcomings in developing the issues and elements in OBA comprehensively. Henceforth, through Systematic Literature Review (SLR), the present study aims to identify the latest developments, elements, fields, and methods in implementing OBA towards the quality assurance of accreditation-based education. This was based on the systematic search of articles from past studies. The results found that the two main areas in the accreditation assessment are engineering and medicine, followed by the fields of social sciences, nutrition sciences, and chemical sciences. Meanwhile, the elements identified in the implementation of OBA are assessment development, grading student performance assessment, and continuous improvement practices in assessment. The quality of this study can be improved by diversifying keywords in advanced search, searching from various databases to compare the content of articles prior to screening for relevant articles in response to the research questions.