Knowledge and Practice of Teacher Assessment Literacy in English as Second Language Reading: A Conceptual Framework


  • Ahmad Naimullah Rozilat
  • Mohd Effendi @ Ewan Mohd Matore


Reading Skills, English as Second Language (ESL), Assessment Literacy, Assessment Framework, Assessment in ESL Reading


Ongoing policy changes in the educational assessment necessitate greater extent of assessment knowledge among teachers. Understanding of teacher assessment literacy enables teachers to adapt to the dynamic teaching and learning environment and effectively meet the students’ needs. However, previous studies indicate that ESL teachers’ knowledge of assessment, particularly in English reading skills, remains unsatisfactory, suggesting a lack of mastery and skills in assessment students’ learning. This concept paper aims to discuss the conception of assessment literacy among ESL teachers, specifically in relation to ESL reading skills. The paper will propose a theoretical integration of relevant theories concerning assessment literacy and models of reading, synthesizing the strengths of multiple teacher assessment literacy frameworks and aligning them with unique requirements of ESL reading skills. By comparing the dimensions within these frameworks, a new conceptual framework of teacher assessment literacy in ESL reading skills is developed. This new framework offers a comprehensive and feasible understanding of the implementation of effective assessment strategies and support ESL teachers in making informed decisions regarding teaching and learning. This study is hoped to shed lights on the possibility of future evidence-based research in assessment literacy and further pave the way for effective practices in ESL reading assessment, empowering students to become independent and autonomous readers.