Confirmatory Factors Analysis of Scale Measuring Secondary School Students' Learning Behaviours


  • Teo Huey Shia
  • Rosnidar Mansor
  • Norliza Abdul Majid


Learning Behaviours, Avoidance Style Approach, Personal Control, Active Feedback, Behaviour, Avoid, Active, Control


Learning behaviours are a visionable factor and essential for researchers to understand when enhancing students' learning process. This paper aims to validate the Learning Behaviours Instrument (LBI) using a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). This instrument consists of 13 items and is measured using a 10-point rating scale. The Learning Behaviours (LB) construct consists of three (3) sub-constructs: Avoidance Style Approach (ASA), Active Feedback (AF), and Personal Control (PC). This study used 237 secondary students as the sample after data cleaning. The second-order CFA result showed unidimensionality, validity, and reliability for the measurement model achieved. The measurement model of the LB construct is accepted. It can be fitted into a structural model for further analysis to understand LB among secondary students towards their academic performance.