Exploring Teacher Perspective in Implementing Cooperative Learning Structure in Primary Schools


  • Haysriq Thomeeran
  • Norul Huda Mohd Ghazali
  • Paul Chandra Bose Selvarajoo
  • Vasantha Ponnen
  • Siti Farhah A Aziz


Perspective, Implementing, Learning Structure, Primary Schools


Improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning in become very important issues to all teachers to implement this in their classrooms. The study aims to provide valuable insights into how teachers perceive and understand cooperative learning as a teaching approach. This can help in understanding the factors that influence its adoption to understand the teachers' perspectives and experiences with cooperative learning and how it could effectively impact the students' involvement in the classroom. Two teachers will be participating in this research to share their perspective and experience based on implementing cooperative learning structure in their lessons for primary school students. This study employs qualitative research method, and three instruments were used to collect the data, which are observations, semi-structured interviews, and document analysis. Three research questions were posed and through findings all the research questions were answered. The implication of this is that the teachers contribute greatly to students’ involvement in the cooperative learning classroom. Based on the findings, some recommendations were made towards creating awareness and best practices to celebrate teacher’s success and steps to overcome challenges in implementing cooperative learning in the classroom