Teachers’ Knowledge Regarding Preschool Children’s Mental Health


  • Siti Aiman Sulaiman


Teacher, Knowledge, Preschool, Children, Mental health


The stigma surrounding children's mental health is gradually disappearing, especially in environments where early childhood education is provided. This study was conducted to identify teachers’ knowledge regarding preschool children’s mental health. A quantitative approach with a survey research design was employed in this study. Therefore, the questionnaire is the leading research instrument in data collection. Using convenience sampling, the sample consisted of 90 preschool teachers around Kuala Selangor district. The IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 27 software was used in data analysis. The study's findings show that the Teachers’ Knowledge Regarding Preschool Children’s Mental Health is high with M = 4.54, SD = 0.05 Also, combining a supportive learning environment with comprehensive teacher training and early education is key to promoting positive mental health in children. This study aims to assist teachers in creating effective interventions for supporting the mental health of preschool-age children.