Ayu Apps Empowers the Sustainability of Teaching and Learning


  • Hamidah Mat
  • Asmazatul Yusfiziati Mohd Yusof
  • Muhammad Suffi Yusof
  • Norhayati Ismail
  • Yang Rizal Ahmad
  • Savina A. Saiman


AYU Apps, Technology, Self-Learning Skills, Easily Accessible


For today's generation to succeed in the twenty-first century, they will need to be highly competitive and effective in mastering a wide range of topics. The Education 4.0 program has as its primary goal the rapid development of new technological tools. Because of this, the students of today should not be instructed solely through memorization exercises and rote learning; rather, they should embrace digital learning. This study's objective is to evaluate how the Youtuber Academy application (also known as the AYU Apps) assists students in developing their capabilities for self-directed learning and acts as a reference for both instructors and parents. In order to evaluate how useful, the AYU Apps was designed, a survey approach was employed, and the sample population consisted of 202 students from West Malaysia. The efficiency of this AYU Apps is evaluated by the level of student agreement (98.7 percent), which states that the AYU Apps is ideal for the development of autonomous learning abilities and can be easily accessed by students, parents, and instructors. This level of agreement is used to measure the efficacy of this AYU Apps.